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English, French


About Me:

Boston, British RP, Cockney, Irish, Russian, Midwestern, Southern, Italian, Spanish, French

Jo Anna Perrin - Jo Anna Perrin.jpg

I'm a voice actor whose strength is creating characters. My ear for accents, dialects, and genders is my forte. I recorded a Harlequin Romance for Audible, "Cold Case at Carleton Canyon", in which I created and voiced forty characters, many of them Texan. For the Library of Congress I read a Young Adult Apocalyptic thriller in which I portrayed over fifty characters of differing ages, genders, and races. I enjoy recording Harlequins as well as Young Adult novels. I love fiction because there are so many characters to create and differentiate. I have also voiced translation narration for many episodes of FRONTLINE (PBS) in which I adopt a very neutral, understated tone.


Phyllis Gordon

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