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Paul Fowlie


Paul Fowlie is the owner and executive producer of Common Mode, and is well known and respected throughout the industry for his wide-ranging skills in audio engineering and multimedia.  He has recorded, edited, mixed and mastered audiobooks daily for 30 years, and brings a level of experience to the trade that few can match.  He began his career as a live sound and recording engineer for studios, then worked as a production and location engineer for NPR (National Public Radio) and the technical director for WBGO (Jazz 88). Paul founded Common Mode in 1984 and began to record and produce audiobooks for major publishers in the NYC area, eventually expanding the company to service other publishers and independent authors.  He has been recognized for his work as technical director and recording engineer on three Grammy-winning audiobook albums, also receiving three Audie awards for Common Mode.  Paul has worked on thousands of audio books, and this expertise shines through in every project we undertake.



Our Team


The team at Common Mode comprises some of the best audio editors and engineers in the NJ / NYC area.  With backgrounds in music production, studio engineering, and sound design, our diverse team is capable of tackling any project, no matter how complex or time-sensitive.  At Common Mode, excellence is the standard; all of our work is delivered at competitive rates, on time, and with an utmost attention to detail.  Since we are independently operated, we are very flexible with our working methods, and can accommodate the needs of any client to achieve their goals.  

Paul Bio

"In the New York City, what director Stephanie Cicatiello said over and over through the intercom was: "Slow down. Take a sip of water. Breathe." That was easy. Then: Remember. Remember what this felt like, what your friend sounded like, what went through your mind when you thought this for the very first time."


... three time Grammy award-winning executive producer Paul Fowlie of Common Mode sat in the control room.  Yes I was intimidated. 


"It's not about reading words, Paul Fowlie said.  "We're capturing your soul on tape."  So I put on the headphones and spoke into the mic.  And what I realized is when you write a book about facing fears, you find people (including yourself) at their most vulnerable and at their most proud - at their peak experiences.  Recording audio, I got to relive them.  What a trip.  And with the recording, one I can take again and again."

   - Patty Chang Anker, Author



"Excellent final product, flexible team, responsive, patient with my many questions, and all about quality.  Also fun to work with!"

    - Grace Burrowes, Author

"You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with under a very short deadline—it’s a sign of great professionalism and of “having it together” on your business. And thanks for such fast payment on the project!"

     - Tom Parks, Narrator

"Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Common Mode crew for doing such justice to our [productions]... The quality of sound has been outstanding! We were very lucky to get connected to you guys; you have enhanced our shows tremendously!"

     - Meg Schaefer, Ph.D, Artistic Director at RHS New Players Company

"Paul, you're the best! You make my job so much easier! I love working with you guys."

     - Kirby Heyborne, Narrator

"Wonderful studio experience. Was able to record an 11 hour book in under 15 hours there. Engineer Brandon Beatty was super helpful, friendly, and efficient. So glad to know about this place--thanks Common Mode!"

     - Eunice Wong, Narrator

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