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English, very minor Spanish and Japanese, can pronounce words in German, and French but don't really speak it at all.


About Me:

German, French, Irish, Mexican, Spanish, General Middle Eastern, Indian, American Southern (Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky), American Urban, American Northern (Minnesota/Wisconsin), American Midwest, Russian, American New Jersey, Native American, British, Italian, Swiss, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Jamaican, New Zealand

Jo Anna Perrin - Jo Anna Perrin.jpg

Around 30 between,, Mockingbird Press, and Beacon Audiobooks. I prefer sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and horror. I will do non-fiction and more dry reading as well, but I prefer not to do romance, and I will refuse to do anything with explicit sexual content. Behind curtain sex scenes or very short descriptions/allusions to it are okay, but I will not read smut.


Henry Schrader

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