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About Me:

American Southern rural, American Southern tidewater, French, German, RP (British), Irish, Scottish, various other European accents -- none are as a native speaker.

Jo Anna Perrin - Jo Anna Perrin.jpg

I've been a commercial voice actor for 25 years and have been narrating audiobooks since 2010. I've done over 80 books for number of different publishers and producers, including, HighBridge, Blackstone, Oasis, Christian Audio, Post-Hypnotic Press, Harper Collins, Deyan, and Dreamscape. My strongest genre, I think, is nonfiction -- memoir, humor, science, history, personal growth -- but I also get cast in a lot of Christian romance. I have done the gamut, though. In fact, my first Earphones Award was for a children's chapter book; my Voice Arts nomination was for a vintage classic (humorous memoir); and my most recent Earphones was for a nonfiction (U.S. legal and aviation history). Because the many Amish titles in novella series were starting to dominate my Audible page, I have started doing romance under the pseudonym of Charlotte Loring. I don't take on erotic romance jobs, but I will do non-erotic and Christian romance (no particular religious affiliation; I'm just not comfortable doing erotic after trying it a few times).


Heather Henderson

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