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About Me:

Baseline is General American, able to perform all types of regional American (urban, southern, east coast, etc), along with Russian, British, Arabic, Australian, Chinese, Latino, and others

Jo Anna Perrin - Jo Anna Perrin.jpg

Bio: Professional Voice Actor and Audiobook Narrator with a deep enjoyment of books and over a decade of vocal performance experience. Versatile vocal range, general American accent, and a specific focus on stories
About me: I am a lifelong and avid consumer of books, often reading books in my childhood through the night until school. My previous experience includes stage theater, podcasts, singing, and film, and I currently work as a professional voice actor and public speaker. I deeply enjoy becoming lost in a story or idea, and presenting that with the energy and believability that it deserves!
Credits: "Brilliant Disguise: A Charlie McClung Mystery (The Charlie McClung Mysteries Book 1)", "100 Travel Moments in 42 Countries", "Mark of the Triad", "The Eagle: Khabib Nurmagomedov", "Beginners Guide iPhone 11 Series For The Elderly", "Dr. Doolittle", "Basics of Ministry", "Life in the Spirit", "Healing 101", Commercial Voice Over, podcasts, public speaker, university professor


Bruce Peters

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