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Common Mode is an award-winning digital audio recording and post-production facility located in East Hanover, NJ.  We specialize in audiobooks and are equipped for a large variety of technical services, including engineered recording sessions, editing, mixing, mastering, QC,  audio restoration and repair, studio consultations, and more. 

Over our three decades of experience, we have produced thousands of audiobooks for some of the biggest publishers and best-selling authors in the world.  We know exactly what it takes to bring a project from script, to the studio, to consumers' headphones in record time.


Our award-winning team of engineers and editors works to guarantee that every project meets the same high standard of audio excellence and matches all customer specifications.  From the initial narrator selection through recording, editing, mastering, and QC, Common Mode will ensure that every Audiobook reaches its full potential. 


Check out our production process HERE and Contact Us if you are interested in creating a great audiobook!  We are always looking for new publishers, narrators, and editors / QCers to work with.

For some short audio samples of our work, click here.

Our Mission: Audio Excellence
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